2010. március 4., csütörtök

Felhívás kötőgetők részére

A 100purewoll felhívást intézett a kötögetők részére. Ha van kedvetek, csatlakozzatok ti is! 
"Dear friends 100purewool.

Today we have a funny proposal for you!
We know you knit, you do crochet or felting, and that their projects are really pretty as we had the opportunity to see several of those designs you have done with our wool.
As a form of knowing each other, and share our passion for hand-dyed natural wool, we have organized an exhibition for your designs.
Starting from today, and untill March 18th, those who want to participate in the expo can send photos of their projects via mail. The requirements are:
-it should be made with 100purewool wool
-You can send up to 3 proyect, one photo per project
-You can include a photo of yourself to include in the expo
-all photos must be .jpg format and 567 x 378 size
- a note or comment of project may be attached
-You can also leave your e mail address for future contacts between clients
All photos and comments will be uploaded in my website and exposed for a month. Those who authorize it, will also appear on my facebook site.
Among all participants we will randomly choose 3 contestans who will win 3 skeins of my website as a gift.
If you have friends who might be interested, you can invite them too!
We wait your photos!"

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